26 August 2008

Read my lips: BeeZee!

Kind of a harsh title, but I found it fun. I often do, and people and don't. I guess it's my type of humor, I call it non-humor. Only few of my friends really get my jokes and I treasure them for that.

Back to blogging, it's been a while. As I feared, I would often lack the time to post because it's not in my list of priorities to be honest. I just do it whenever I feel like it, have something interesting to say, a computer with internet connection at my disposal and of course the time.

All the way from May I've been working on all sorts of interesting geeky projects( flash, as3, papervision, that kind of stuff ), but recently I've started to pay attention to my other need (drawing). I tend to be lazy, but I feel the urge to hold a balance between my geeky and my (wannabe) artistic side lately.

Long story short, I found a dead bee ( or wasp, not sure to be honest ) on the side of my window, so I've decided to spend some time to study it. I'm pretty proud of my eyesight and getting old is one of scariest things I can think of.

Here is the first drawing, a side-view:

I continued with a back-view:

This one has a a detailed wing on the bottom. It kept looking at the pattern for a while. I wonder what subdivision algorithm nature came came up with this time. I'll take the time to study that later on. It reminded me of Robert Hodgin's talk at Flash On The Beach last year and his butterflies. Check out this post here for more details.

Here's a not so impressive top view, I had weird angle for this one:

And as I usually keep what's best for last, here is a 2/3 view :

I wanted to keep these images as they were in my sketchbook, without major alterations or cleaning up so I could reference them later and make comparisons.

That made me feel a bit better, because last week I've been dipping my feet into too much 'geekery': a bit of maxscript, a bit of C ( I've compiled my Hello World gameboy advance rom ), a bit of Java and more processing.
I think I am the weirdest type of 'hybrid' when it comes to computers. I keep hearing that word in the flash community. I haven't seen that many flash designers that became developers and started learning Java, hopefully I'll be an interesting twist. I usually see Java developers learning Flex and actionscript, not even closely the other way around, but that's what makes it fun I guess. I know I will never be a great software engineer, building enterprise apps. with huge OLAP databases, because I know I don't want to become an engineer :) ( Not that's anything wrong with that, on the contrary, it's just something I'm not. I find it easier to figure out what/who am I by figuring out what I am not. )

Well, enough talk for now. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with something great next time. Enjoy.