17 September 2010

Arduino & Actionscript - The resources

Things are getting busy again, but finally managed to get a bit of time to put the materials together from my talk at LFPUG

You can download the resources here.
The zip contains the slides(pdf), a readme file with instructions on how to setup your files for Arduino and how to configure serproxy.

The video recording of the talk is available (thanks Influxis)

If you have any problems comment on this page or send me an email.

Thanks again to Tink for the opportunity to talk at LFPUG and big thanks to disturb media for supporting me
with the presentation. The slide design is crafted by Jason Turner.

Big thanks to Daniel Hirschmann
for the awesome course taught at Goldsmiths. Remember, there are lot of good resources on the Physical Computing Wiki . Feel free to make use of Daniel's mailing list([physcomp][at][lists.plankman.com]).

This post should be on the disturb blog, but at the moment, Jace is a bit busy making sandwiches.

Conrad's talk will be at Flash On the Beach.
Disturb have a few surprises for you there.

See y'all offline !