12 September 2009

disturb media launched twigital

I am proud to present a new site we launched at disturb media called Twigital.
It is created to help promote the greatest media events on their way as you read this: London Digital Week and Flash On The Beach.
Twigital populates London with characters who've recently Tweeted about London Digital Week and Flash on the Beach '09. If you Tweet mentioning #ldw or #fotb then you'll appear on the landscape.
You can also search for any other word or topic you fancy.

We are trying to improve twigital so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Be sure to check it out.

In case you are wondering, this project uses Papervision 3D and the graphics are made by the amazing Heaps Awesome Patrol Captain/Designer Chris Phillips.

Chris and Alex are featured in issue 161 of Web Designer Magazine with a full flash gaming tutorial.

Well done!

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