4 March 2008

Colin Moock's ActionScript 3.0:From The Ground Up Tour

Hello World!
This is the first post of this blog on ideas, random thoughts and other geeky stuff.

Recently I've attended Colin Moock's ActionScript 3.0 seminar. I've been delaying the moment until I'll migrate to as3 for some time, now it seems smooth. I was expecting to see Colin tired or bored by preaching this lecture again, in London this time. I couldn't tell actually, he was energic and kept us going.

If you're interested in the lecture, all the notes are posted here:


My version of the project can be found here.
The classes from the lecture are included and the ugly drawings as well.

Here's Stan:

If you are using Firefox and you have Flash Tracer installed you can view the traces of death :)
The Flash Tracer add-on is available here

There are more events coming up. Adobe is pretty determined to promote their new tehcnologies. Next Up: on AIR Tour . See you in London.

I almost forgot: I'm the proud owner this special Essential Actionscript 3.0 signed by Colin Moock himself.

This is added to the existing ones from:

Lee Brimelow

Keith Peters,
Brendan Dawes,
André Michelle,
Erik Natzke,
Carlos Ulloa,
Joey Lott,
Seb Lee Delisle
and last but not least Aral Balkan

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