22 April 2010

Slides from the London Flash Developers and Designers Meetup Talk

Hello there,

The slides are available online now.
A bit compressed on slideshare:

Or the orginal in PDF format.

Quick warning: "Forgive me for my English is not so premium!"
There might be spelling errors here and there. If you find that
annoying, let me know and I'll fix the errors. I didn't plan time
for any proof reading, my bad.

Here are the links for some of the animation helpers presented
at the start of the session:

Stage Recorder by Slavomir Durej

Motion Sketch by Justin Putney/ajarproductions

LazyBoy Panel - manually declares stage instances based on a naming convention.

More handy tools in the presentation.

David will gather the files written at the presentation. Updates related to this talk will be posted here.

Oh, if want to get started with MooTools or see what the Adobe Open Source Media Framework is about, there is a talk next week at the London Flash Platform User Group.