18 June 2010

The Mother Mind is free

The Mother Mind was released to the curious hearts and minds visiting Goldsmiths.
As mentioned in the previous post, balance shifted from a lot of live video processing,
to less. Instead the voice of Helene took over the performance, and technology just
aided here and there, trying to disguise itself as magic.

Here is a fragment from the performance:

For documentation purposes, here are is a video of a previous Max patcher:

Colour Sound from George Profenza on Vimeo.

Using jitter, I analyze the average colour in the video. The amount of red is mapped to the volume of the wind track and the amount of blue is mapped to the volume of the chimes track (both sounds from freesound.org).

The tracks were randomly chosen, but the Wind track seems to go with the waves somehow.

Here are some screenshot :

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